Tips for Natural Carpet Care

Carpets are the floor covering that offer a variety of benefits for a household. Other than providing great aesthetic value, carpets also ensure comfort and safety of the occupants of a house. However, cleaning a carpet may be quite a challenge for most people. Some people tend to hire the services of professional carpet cleaning companies while others do the cleaning on their own. There are several natural ways through which you can naturally clean your carpet as will be mentioned here.

The first tip in cleaning your carpet naturally is vacuuming it. You should vacuum your carpet regularly, perhaps once a week, to keep the deeply embedded dirt to a minimum. You should ensure that you vacuum all the areas of the carpet including under furniture and also across your baseboards.

The other tip in naturally cleaning of carpet is getting rid of stains. To do this, you may need to use an iron. All you need to do is mix some vinegar and water into a spray bottle then spray the stain. Once you do that, you may need to place a damp cloth over the spot then iron the rag for about a minute. You may need to repeat the process depending on how long the stain has been on the carpet. Visit this website about carpet cleaning.

Another natural tip in carpet care is busting out the steam cleaner. To do this, you may need to mix equal amounts of water and vinegar to your steam cleaner just like any other cleaning solution. If you are concerned about how your carpet will smell like, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the solution. For areas that have high traffic, you may need to mix the water and vinegar in high ratios since such areas require more power to get cleaned. Know how much it costs here!

To keep your carpet fresh, you can come up with your natural carpet freshener. To do this, you may need to mix some baking soda with some few drops of your favorite essential oil. If you have pets, you can add some borax to keep the fleas at bay. Before carrying out your subsequent vacuuming, you may need to lightly sprinkle some of the mixtures onto the carpet, leave it for about half an hour, then vacuum it as usual. To ensure that the baking soda does not pick up any moisture, you may need to carry out the process when the weather is dry. By following the green carpet cleaners tips mentioned above, you will enjoy having an easy time caring for your carpet naturally.